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Music Therapy Internships

Our Fall 2024 Internship has been filled.  We are currently accepting internship applications for January and March 2025.

Music Therapy Internship Information

Beachside Music Lessons & Therapy was founded in 2016 by Ashlee Hughes MT-BC,

Internship Director and owner. Beachside Music is a place where all ages and abilities are

welcome to learn and grow through adapted music lessons, music therapy, and groups. Our

therapists serve children, teens and adults with special needs, mental health, and other needs.

We provide our services in both our clinic and our client’s home. Beachside Music offers one to

one sessions and groups in our clinic and in the community. Our team strives to offer high

quality services, advocate/educate for our profession, build relationships with other local

therapists/organizations, support local charitable causes, and grow/learn through continued

professional development.


Our 6 month, full time internship is in affiliation with your university’s music therapy program and

is designed to offer interns the chance to work with children and adults with varying needs and

abilities. Our clients include those with autism, down syndrome, developmental disabilities,

behavioral health, medical needs, traumatic brain injury/stroke, dementia/Alzheimer's, young

children, and more. Private practice clients will vary over time, but you can expect to be working

with one or more of the listed populations above. Interns will have the opportunity to observe,

co-lead, and lead one to one and group sessions during their internship. Interns can expect

their weekday schedule to vary day to day depending on our client’s needs. Our average work

hours are between 9 am-7 pm. We do not typically work on weekends, but may from time to

time for marketing events, special programs, performances, or presentations, but will be

discussed with the intern prior to the occurrence.

The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) National Roster Internship Guidelines have

inspired much of this internship’s structure and process, however, this internship is a

university-affiliated internship. Due to this difference, not all requirements of the National Roster

site apply; For example, this internship does not have a Dismissal Policy written out in advance.

Whenever there are concerns that cannot be reasonably mediated through clear communication

among involved parties, the issue shall be brought up with Ashlee Hughes, the Internship

Director, and then your academic program director to discuss the best resolution or future plan

of action.

In the beginning of internship, interns can expect to spend the beginning of their internship

observing to familiarize themselves with the private practice setting and build relationships with

parents, clients, and other therapists from other disciplines (such as ABA, PT, OT, ST, Case

Managers, etc). Soon after, interns will have the opportunity to collaborate

and co-lead with the supervising music therapist during sessions and groups. Finally, interns

will work with clients independently, taking on the role of the primary clinician. Throughout the

internship, there will be opportunities weekly for supervision and feedback. Interns can also

expect to complete research when needed to learn more about certain diagnosis or other

important information to be a successful clinician. Music Therapy Interns can also expect to

offer a presentation/in-service about music therapy. Music Therapy Interns will have ongoing

contact with the Internship Director.

Beachside Music Lessons & Therapy has a clinic space available for individual sessions and

groups, in addition to traveling in and around Volusia County to see our client’s in

their homes. In our clinic space, we also have a variety of rhythm instruments and drums

available to use during your internship. Interns will need to provide their own guitar/ukulele and laptop during the internship.

We do not offer housing or meal assistance, but a stipend of $2,000 will be offered. It is

required that all interns have access to a car with auto insurance. Though you may carpool with the internship director or supervisor from time to time, you will be expected to drive for part of your caseload.  Background checks and liability insurance are required.

The university shall maintain health insurance records for each individual, or advise the intern of

the requirement to have such health insurance and provide copies of such records t o Beachside Music upon commencement of the internship. Interns must also show proof of liability insurance independently or through their educational institution. Additionally, prior to the start of the internship, a signed agreement between the University and Beachside Music is required.


Required Entry-Level Competencies

In an effort to seek out qualified applicants for our internship program, Beachside Music will use a variety of digital media. Applicants will be required to email their application and submit

three videos displaying their musicality and clinical abilities. Following open submission

time, selected applicants will be chosen to move forward in the interview process and will

complete the initial interview by Zoom. Some candidates will move forward with a second

interview which will be conducted in-person and on-site (preferred) or via Zoom, depending on

the preference/location of the candidate. During the second interview, music therapy interns

should be prepared to demonstrate their functional music skills on piano, guitar, and voice in the

following areas.


A. Piano/Vocal Skills

• Sing with appropriate pitch, rhythm, and volume

• Play basic chord progressions (I, I V, V) functionally in the Key of C, D, and G

• Transpose accompaniments into various keys


B. Guitar/Vocal Skills

• Accurately tune instrument

• Play basic chord progressions (I, I V, V) functionally in at least 3 keys

• Play and sing a song that could be used with a 7-10 year child with autism

• Play and sing a song that could be used with an adult with mental health disorder (20-65+)

• Sight-read simple songs with accompaniment utilizing basic chords (I, I V V) in the key of C, D, and G

• Play in a variety of musical and accompaniment styles including both strumming

and fingerpicking

• Transpose accompaniments into various keys


C. General Music Skills

• Maintain a working knowledge of a variety of repertoire appropriate for various age groups

• Improvise or compose simple songs

• Maintain functional knowledge of music theory

Therapeutic Skills/Professional Qualities:

A. Collaborate effectively with other disciplines

B. Demonstrate knowledge of basic music therapy interventions for use i n special needs and/or

mental health

C. Exhibit effective communication/documentation of interactions

D. Demonstrate professionalism and ability to accept feedback


Interns must pass a background check (completed and paid for by Beachside Music) and

submit their letter of verification from the MT Advisor along with their signed internship

agreement prior to starting this internship program.


We are unable to offer insurance coverage at this time, but interns will receive a $2,000

stipend paid throughout the program. Interns will be expected to provide proof of

professional liability insurance along with proof of car insurance.


Internship Schedule:

Our schedules vary depending on our clients needs and scheduling. This is designed to be a

6th month full-time internship, but may consider a part-time internship option as well. The next

intern(s) will start each quarter, based on our current needs. Music Therapy Interns are required to complete 1200 total clinician hours including practicums and internships. Additional time may be added if needed on a case by case basis. Internship schedules are determined by the intern, Internship Director, and Supervising Music Therapist(s) and depend upon the needs of our intern(s), clients, and team. Intern will complete a minimum of 25-30 hours per week, with at least 10-20 hours of client contact. Supervision will be completed by both Internship Director and Supervising Music Therapists.


Working with our music therapy private practice will offer a unique perspective for interns to

observe and learn about the processes and systems that create a successful business.

Besides a diverse variety of clinical training, interns may also observe and participate in community outreach (local events, bi-annual recitals, performances, etc) and will likely have the opportunity to volunteer within the community with local charities. Intern may also participate in scheduling and coordinating clients and offering supervision to practicum students (towards the end of their internship).


Additional Details:

Interns will be off on the following holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas

Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. Requests for additional time off

may be requested to the Internship Director and will be considered on a case by case basis. If

interns are sick, they are required to contact their supervisor for that session as soon as possible.


Interns are expected to dress business casual (with comfort in mind to allow for sitting on the

floor and easy movement). Working with our clients requires respect, confidentiality, and good

hygiene. Outstanding music therapy and general professional service is our highest priority. The

safety and wellbeing of the client includes proper privacy and sanitization protocols. We also

ask for privacy in your access to Beachside Music’s repertoire, music therapy activity planning,

resources, etc. Although you will utilize and contribute to these resources during your

internship, they are ultimately the intellectual property of Beachside Music. Additionally, all

instruments, office supplies, various equipment, and keys belong to Beachside Music and must

be returned at the end of internship.


Have any questions? Email

Do you think you may be a good fit for our internship?  Does learning and growing in a private practice appeal to you?  We welcome you to apply to our internship at Beachside Music Lessons & Therapy.

Please note: By downloading and completing our application, you
acknowledge you have read the above information.

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