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Beachside Music Lessons & Therapy  Job Opportunities

Make a difference in the lives of others through music.

Beachside Music Lessons & Therapy is currently looking for 1 music teacher and 1 music therapist to add to our team!
High Pay
We are one of the highest paying companies in the industry because we value your time.
Set Your
Whether you want only a few students a week or a full roster, we’ll accommodate your schedule.
Your Method
We DO NOT believe in a one size fits all education. We allow our teachers to use their own methods to customize each lesson specific to the student's needs.
We are happy to offer
lesson plan ideas, music game ideas, and other resources to make teaching easy and fun!

Why become a Music Teacher or Therapist with Beachside Music Lessons & Therapy?

Teach in our Studio

Due to the rising gas costs, we decided to open a store front location last year to reduce driving for our teachers and therapists.  Our teachers and therapists work in the studio an average of 2-3 days per week.

Paid Student No-Shows

We value the time every music teacher takes to prepare for their students. As a result, you will always be paid for same day cancellations and student no-shows.

Become Part of a Community

Meet and network with other like-minded musicians/teachers/therapists at the studio, recitals, and other Beachside Music events. Share ideas and perhaps even learn new techniques and teaching tips from each other.

Company Hosted Recitals

We host two annual recitals, along with other performance opportunities, throughout the year for our students. This gives your students something to look forward to as well as help you retain your students longer.

Music Teacher Support

We handle the hassle of marketing, billing, and customer relations so you can focus on what you do best...teach awesome lessons and make money doing what you love!


Lela G. 

Music Therapist, Music Teacher

I worked at Beachside Music Lessons and Therapy for almost one year and have truly enjoyed my time there. Ashlee and Elliot have been extremely helpful and easy to work with. I was provided with many resources to use with students throughout my time there. They were also understanding of my needs and my schedule and worked with me to schedule clients at times that worked best for me. Ashlee and Elliot facilitate an environment that is focused on community and relationships and that is something that has been extremely rewarding to me as a teacher and therapist. 


Richard S.

Music Teacher

Working with Ashlee and Elliott was great. They were always a text or phone call away when I had any questions, and provided me with plenty of example material to use in case I was stuck wondering what to do with a student. Very friendly and supportive! Would recommend them to any music teacher aspiring to work more in the area. 


Thank you for your interest in working with us! Please complete the application below and send your resume to

Do you have a college degree or equivalent experience in the instrument(s) you teach?
Have you ever been charged or convicted of a felony?

Thanks for submitting!  Please send your resume  to

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